About us

Tamp & Stitch

Tamp & Stitch is a café and clothing boutique. Located in Essex st west in the Old Town of Temple Bar, at the heart of historic Dublin City centre. We opened our doors six years ago and since then we have been mentioned in many international publications such as Image magazine, Ireland, Vogue ,Netherlands, Jalouse France and Casa Facile , Italy

My name is Neil and I’m running the coffee side of the business

My name is Veronica the buyer and the creative mind behind the store


What We Do

We prepare perfectly brewed single estate coffee roasted by 3FE. Never a blend, our coffee changes week in week out which lets our customers taste some of the best coffees from around the world. With consistency our main focus in coffee preparation We are recognised by the S.C.A.E as an Ambassador of Coffee. We are currently listed on as the 4th most recommended coffee house in Dublin. We have been ranked in Phaidon’s Coffee Guide, which is a list of expert opinions of the top 600 cafes in the world.

What Makes Our Business Unique

We designed Tamp & Stitch to be a multifunctional space which is easily adaptable. This has allowed us to host art exhibitions, sit down formal meals and popup take aways. We have hosted music videos , single launches and photo shoots. We provide our clientele with unique and handpicked garments from all over the world i.e. Vintage finds from Italy and France, retro collections from South Korea and Japan and print t-shirts from London and Bangkok while showcasing Irish designers like Deloup design for clothes andjewellery , DakiDaki for her statement jewellery collection , BadlyMadeBooks for his recycled paper stationary and original hand painted cards from Smashy Smashy